Coming Back to Movement

Welcome to “Coming Back to Movement,” your guide to rediscovering and redefining your relationship with physical activity. Whether you’re a fitness pro, an enthusiast, or just looking to move in a more supportive way, this ebook is for you.

Inside, you’ll find practical tips, resources, and insights from experts who are passionate about making fitness welcoming for everyone. Let’s build a community where every body is celebrated and movement can actually make you happy.

Mainstream fitness culture can pressure us to fit certain ideals to the point where many of us feel excluded or harmed. If you’ve ever felt like traditional fitness spaces weren’t for you, you’re not alone.

Our goal is to break away from these harmful norms and create spaces that are inclusive, compassionate, and supportive of all bodies. We focus on anti-diet, trauma-informed, fat-affirming, and accessible practices.

Join us in reclaiming movement that truly supports you. Let’s do this together!

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